Alpetrol Sp. z o.o. part of ONICO S.A. Capital Group.
Alpetrol Sp. Z o.o. is one of the largest logistics operators in the LPG market in Poland. We reload LPG from and to ships, rail tankers and road tankers.
If you are a concessionaire of products with code 2711
you should see our offer.
If your company supplies LPG to the end customer
you should contact us.
ou have a petrol station or you supply LPG to it
we can start cooperation with you.
You run grain dryers or storages of other agricultural products in which LPG is used as fuel
we will help you meet your needs.
You are heating warehouses or production halls with LPG
Thanks to our cooperation you will lower the costs of your activity
Thanks to the bottling plant, you can pack LPG
you will surely be interested in our offer.
You store or have a licence to produce LPG mixtures
we offer you business cooperation.
You have LPG road tankers, which you use to deliver gas to individual customers
Cooperating with us you will be competitive on the market and your customers will be satisfied.
Thanks to our own operational 
capabilities of the company, we ensure continuous LPG supplies of the highest quality.

Gas terminals managed by Alpetrol Sp. z o.o. - the Railway gas terminal in Planta and the LPG Sea Terminal in Gdynia have currently almost 3 thousand tonnes of storage capacity and reloading capacity of over 35 thousand tonnes per month. Thanks to our two terminals we have diversified our sources of supply, and professionally negotiated purchases of LPG allow us to compete with the largest importers. We measure the effectiveness of our operations not only by profit but above all by the satisfaction of our customers.

We are involved in the wholesale of LPG to Polish and international concerns and individual customers, and we offer attractive price discounts to customers with large volumes.

Work of the team of specialists and know-how (specialist knowledge, interpersonal contacts, IT systems including computerised terminal management systems, market position in the country and abroad) allows us to maintain a continuous supply of LPG to our customers.
We care for the natural environment
bearing in mind that the emission of greenhouse gases, e.g. by fossil fuels, is an increasingly serious problem affecting the global economy.

Alpetrol Sp. z o.o. supplies only the highest quality LPG, and each shipment by sea or rail to our terminals is thoroughly tested by renowned laboratories.

Each customer receives a quality certificate, and LPG-powered engines and stoves from our deliveries are safer.

By purchasing LPG from us at our terminals or using our logistics services, you receive a guarantee of the most attractive prices and the highest quality.

We are constantly developing and setting ourselves ambitious and increasingly difficult tasks. We strive to improve the services already provided, but we also set bold goals.

Over the past year, we have already loaded several ships that exported propane mixtures to EU
unloading and loading on behalf of ships (LPG carriers),
reloading of railway gas tanks on wide and standard-gauge wagons,
reloading to road tankers
short-term storage of LPG on the premises of tax warehouses.
We cooperate in the field of logistics services only with reputable and proven partners.
We strictly adhere to all tax, excise and ADR regulations. We take care of our devices with due diligence, we modernize them by using the most modern technical solutions. All this to improve the quality and increase the efficiency of our services. Safety is our priority. 

We are open to your suggestions to use our operational capabilities, and our team will certainly help to refine all the details. We treat each business partner individually. You will be served by a professional sales team and logistics specialists.

Our regular customers have access to the employees of Alpetrol Sp z o.o. dedicated to cooperation, and the largest partners have direct contact with managers. We know how valuable your time is, therefore we shorten the decision-making process as much as possible. We want to build partnership business relations. We value honesty and trust.
On the premises of our terminals
for the comfort and safety of your employees and subcontractors
(in particular tanker truck drivers), we have individual accommodation rooms with full social facilities.
Our delivery and collection notification system allows you to avoid wasting time and costly downtime. In order to improve efficiency, if necessary, we contact individual tank truck dispatchers and drivers.

Unfortunately, our operational capabilities are also limited, although we are constantly developing. If you want to ensure security of supply, an attractive price or the satisfaction of your customers because you supply them with the highest quality LPG, start working with us quickly.
Alpetrol Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in 00-586 Warsaw at ul. Flory 3 room 2 The company is registered in the Register of Entrepreneurs kept by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw, 12th Commercial Division of the National Court Register (KRS) under the KRS number 0000447884, Tax Identification Number (NIP) 5472145843 with fully paid-up share capital of PLN 2.000.000
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